Dismissed Bahraini doctors demand jobs back in Manama

Many state employees were suspended in wake of crackdown on protests in kingdom this year
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Bahraini surgeons Ali Al Ekri (L) and Nada Dhaif (R) attend a demonstration of employees who were dismissed from their jobs over protests in front of the ministry of labour in Isa Town, south of the capital Manama (AFP/Getty Images)
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Bahraini women hold a bread and the national flag during a demonstration (AFP/Getty Images)
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Bahraini anti-government protesters run for cover from tear gas during clashes with riot police in Abu Saiba, west of Manama (AFP/Getty Images)
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Bahraini Shiite Muslims mourn over the grave of Ahmed Radi Al Qassab, who was run over by a car while allegedly crossing a highway to escape a riot-police patrol last week (AFP/Getty Images)
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A Bahraini man holds a piece of bread during a demonstration (AFP/Getty Images)
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Bahraini surgeon Mahmoud Asghar attends a demonstration (AFP/Getty Images)
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A Bahraini woman covering her head with a national flag takes part in the demonstration (AFP/Getty Images)
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Head of the Bahrain nursing society, Roula Al Saffar flashes a victory sign during the demonstration (AFP/Getty Images)