Dubai ladies’ winter style on Instagram

From fur jackets to thigh-high boots, here are Dubai ladies’ winter style staples
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From fur jackets to thigh-high boots, here are Dubai ladies’ winter style staples
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1. Since it doesn’t get too cold in Dubai, if you want to wear a fur number, opt for one with short sleeves. We love the way Instagram blogger Mariane Bechara wore hers.
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2. Style blogger Nathalie Fanj shows off winter 2016’s latest trend: peplum sleeves. Her dress’ burgundy shade is one of the top favourite colours this seasons.
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3. Even if you get cold in winter, you don’t have to completely cover up. Try a long-sleeved, off-the shoulder sweater like Dubai-based lawyer and fashion consultant, Natalia Shustova.
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4. Fashion designer, Bashayer Al Huraibi, pairs sweat pants with heels and a sweater for a casual yet trendy winter ensemble.
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5. We had to include another one of Al Huraibi’s outfits. The bomber jacket she’s sporting is a must-have wardrobe staple.
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6. Beauty blogger Huda Kattan opts for a simple, quick, yet trendy look with fur scarf, large hat, and basic turtle neck.
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7. TV presenter Diala Makki might have joked that she looks like a Christmas tree in this dress, but we’re loving it!
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8. Fashion consultant Ola Farahat knows how to make thigh-high boots look classy. She pairs them with something cute, like this collar-denim number.
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9. Lifestyle blogger Laura Badura proves you can pull off sandal heels in winter – combine them with a statement Balmain winter top, of course.
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10. We love Badura’s winter accessories. Burgundy and gold are definitely a colour combo to follow this season.
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