Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Hotel launches new beach venue

Cove Beach Restaurant and Lounge serves Italian and French cuisine and consists of a gourmet restaurant, Rosé Bar, and Sea Lounge
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Styled in minimalist contemporary décor, with a palette of greys, off-whites, and fuchsia, Cove Beach is built as its name implies; a cove.

\n“We believe that a cove perfectly symbolises what we are,” explained the team behind the venture. “Typically, a cove is a small bay or inlet of water, with restricted entrances. Drawing inspiration from this, Cove Beach is designed to be an exclusive haven of luxury and leisure for those looking to retreat from the fast paced bustle of the city.”
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The gourmet restaurant is led by Chef Vergan Robert, who believes people today want simple, delectable food.

\n“I believe that both Italian and French cuisines appeal to most palates. At Cove Beach, we aim to cater to the tastes of all our clients with fresh, ingredient-driven and temperamental dishes that anyone can relate to, and most importantly enjoy,” said Robert.
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The Rosé Bar is a wine bar that includes Cove Beach’s own wine, the Château Barbeiranne, made in Provence.
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As for the Sea Lounge, it consists of a resident DJ as well as sunbeds and beach mattresses for daytime beach guests. The lounge menu includes grilled marinated octopus salad, sautéed baby calamari, and a variety of pizzas, burgers, and steaks.
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Shisha in different flavours is also available for lounge guests. Lounge entrance fee starts at AED300 ($81).
Thu 26 Feb 2015 12:25 PM GST