Dubai’s most luxurious spots to really impress your date:

If you’re looking to go over the top with impressing your partner, here are the 10 best restaurants in Dubai to choose from
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In recent years, Dubai has acquired the reputation of being one of the most luxurious places in the world. Its home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s biggest mall, and one of the world’s best sandy beaches. This is leaving out the countless high-end dining destinations oversaturating its market, which makes it all the more confusing to decide: where should I take my date to? If you’re looking to go over the top with impressing your partner, here are the 10 best restaurants in Dubai to choose from, according to us.
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1. Pierchic: is literally in the middle of the sea. Though it’s part of Al Qasr hotel, it needs a 5 minute buggy ride on top of a long wooden bridge over the sea in order to get to it. It’s the perfect place for a romantic (and impressive) date. Add the fact that the Burj Al Arab is only a few metres away and is your view for the night.
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2. Majlis Al Bahar: Speaking of the Burj views, Majlis Al Bahar is a concept restaurant that’s art of the hotel. It provides a romantic dinner setting for you and your date. The upside? It’s private, on the beach, and right in front of the Burj Al Arab.
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3. Al Muntaha Restaurant: This restaurant might not grant you views of the Burj Al Arab (it’s located inside it) but it will provide a full view of Dubai. Located on the 27th floor, it overlooks the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, and Dubai Marina to name a few.
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4. Al Hadheerah Restaurant: If you want to experience a more cultural side of Dubai, Al Hadheerah has all you need. It’s literally located in the middle of the desert. Well, it’s located in Bab Al Shams hotel, but that’s literally in the desert. For entertainment, the restaurant has belly dancing shows, horses, swordplay, and henna. If you want a more private location, Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge is in the same hotel and has views of the open desert. We think it’s the perfect place to watch the sun go down.
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5. Zheng He’s Restaurant: If you’re a fan of Thai food, Zheng He’s in Madinat Jumeirah is your perfect match. It’s located on a terrace and overlooks the water inside the Madinat.
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6. Atmosphere: Just the fact that it’s the highest restaurant in the world in the highest building in the world should do the trick for this entry.
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7. 101 Lounge and Bar: Situated in the One and Only on the Palm Jumeirah, 101 takes up the hotel’s private marina. It outlooks the skyline of the Palm and the Dubai Marina and has endless sea views. If you really want to impress your date, rent a private yacht for the day and arrive for dinner at 101 through its private marina.
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8. Asia Asia Restaurant and Lounge: One could argue that Asia Asia boasts equally impressive indoor and outdoor views. On the outside, there are skylines of the Dubai Marina, making for a very romantic setting. On the inside is a long hallway, decorated with miniature Buddha(s) and lit with candles, leading to the restaurant, which is equally romantic in setting as its outdoor section.
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9. Uptown Bar: If you want huge city views and a sea view as well, uptown bar has that combination. Though simple in its design, its 180 degrees view is enough to enjoy a romantic night out. Since it’s located in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, you can even take your date for a long walk on the beach, where you can enjoy views of the Burj Al Arab.
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10. Thiptara: Its name means “magic on the water.” Perhaps that’s because it’s located on the Burj Lake in Downtown Dubai, where the Dubai Fountain plays just far enough not to get soaked and close enough to get an exclusive view.
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