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Thu 21 Jan 2016 12:17 PM

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Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals

The Proposal Boutique in Dubai shares the best ideas to ensure a positive response

Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
In other parts of the world, wedding season starts in April. In Dubai, wedding season is now – when the weather is perfect, the sun is just hot enough, and the humidity is low.

\nAnd while weddings are the main attraction this time of year, there’s another factor that comes almost hand-in-hand: proposals.

\nNaturally, we set out to discover Dubai’s most romantic locations to pop the question. And who better to question on the matter than Proposal Boutique – the city’s only marriage proposal planner.

\nThrough creating proposal ideas, scouting locations, negotiating rates with vendors, and hiring professionals from photographers to musicians, Proposal Boutique crafts personalized proposals across Dubai. Here are the most romantic ones it has crafted so far:
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
1. A beach proposal:

\nThis proposal was at a beach in the Atlantis, The Palm. While Gauri was out with her friends at Nasimi Beach having a few drinks, the boutique (hired by her partner) approached her “undercover” and asked to have some photos taken by the beach for a local magazine. Guari agreed and she and her friends were led to the beach.

\nThere, Guari found a red carpet leading her to candles that spelled, “Gauri, Will you marry me?” Because she thought her boyfriend was still away on a business trip, she was surprised as he walked out of a cabana on the beach with a bouquet of roses.
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
2. A Burj Al Arab proposal:

\nHaving spent many holidays snorkelling and diving with his partner, a private client wanted a secluded yet beach-themed proposal. The Proposal Boutique thus suggested the underwater dining room at the Burj Al Arab, where 1,000 fish were the only witnesses.

\nThe boutique set up a dinner table filled with rose petals, candles, and a red box. When the client’s would-be fiancé opened the box, she found a video of the couple’s relationship – followed by a proposal.
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
3. An outdoor proposal:

\nIf you’ve ever been to Al Barari, you’d know it’s a romantic place to begin with. The outdoor restaurant is located amidst hundreds of plants and water features. Because Amit’s girlfriend loves the outdoors, together with the boutique, he created a picnic setting for her in Al Barari. The boutique set up hay bales, vintage stands, lemonade in mason jars, and red velvet cupcakes.

\nLastly, it connected two trees with a timeline of photographs of the couple’s relationship, alongside a list of all the things Amir loves about her. This was followed by – you guess it – an accepted proposal.
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
4. A gallery proposal:

\nReem is a photographer that captures stories of real people and shares them on her social media page and blog, “Humans of Dubai.” When her fiancé, Amru, reached out to The Proposal Boutique, the boutique decided to incorporate her hobby into the proposal.

\nWith the help of a gallery, Dubai’s Showcase, the boutique displayed eight of Reem’s works alongside candles, music and her favourite flowers. Amru escorted Reem to several art galleries before bringing her into Showcase, surprising her with her images being displayed. He then got down on one knee, proposed, and she said, “Yes.”
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
5. A private lagoon proposal:

\nWhile Samar loves the beach, an outdoor proposal in Dubai’s summer was a bad idea due to humidity. Instead, the Proposal Boutique suggested her fiancé, Jamil, book a private lagoon area in the Burj Al Arab. The boutique filled the area with candles, water lilies, and red roses.

\nOn a set of stairs, it mapped out their relationship on a ‘memory lane’ carpet that lead to the question ‘Will You Marry Me?’ where Jamil popped the question and Samar said, “Yes.” For the remainder of the night, the couple enjoyed a pre-arranged massage and a moonlight swim at the lagoon.
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
6. A private cabana proposal:

\nAnother private client asked the boutique for a romantic and intimate proposal. The boutique chose the One and Only resort on the palm and booked a private, poolside cabana. In the cabana, dozens of candles and flowers filled the rooms. The client played his partner her favourite song as he proposed.

\nThey then enjoyed a selected four course dinner and champagne.
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
7. A yacht proposal:

\nJon wanted to propose to Leanne the “luxury Dubai way.” Together with the boutique, he hired a luxury yacht and musician for a sunset proposal. Before proposing at sunset, Jon had the musician play all of Leanne’s favourite songs. The yacht stopped in front of the Burj Al Arab, and Jon proposed.

\nThe couple then enjoyed a four course dinner on-board the yacht, served by their private butler.
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
8. A live concert proposal:

\nBecause Karan and Nikita are huge music lovers, Karan wanted to propose in front of thousands of people at a concert in Dubai.

\nAnd he did. With the help of the boutique, Karan proposed at a concert with a 50 piece orchestra playing hits from the band, Queen. During one of their popular songs, he got up on stage and recited a short speech about Nikita before getting down on one knee.
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
9. A Rugby Sevens proposal:

\nShaan and Angie are big rugby fans. Accordingly, with the help of The Proposal Boutique, Shaan hired the entire Sevens Stadium on Valentine’s Day and rolled out hundreds of metres of fabric across the pitch to spell out ‘Be My Valentine.’

\nThe couple was picked up in a limousine and shown to the top of the stadium, where Angie could read the entire message. Minutes later, out of the blue, Shaan got down on one knee. When Angie said yes, the couple enjoyed a valentine-themed picnic in the middle of the stadium.
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
10. An Abra proposal:

\nAccording to the boutique, this couple had previously been to Dubai, where they watched the dancing fountains and became huge fans. When the client approached the boutique for a proposal, it suggested a private abra boat ride around the lake where the fountains played.

\nIn the middle of the fountains performance, the abra stopped and the client got down on one knee. To continue the celebrations, the couple enjoyed a dinner in a nearby restaurant with friends.
Dubai’s most romantic wedding proposals
11. A Burj Khalifa proposal:

\nThis proposal took place in a private dining room in the Burj Khalifa for a couple visitng Dubai from Taiwan. Luke, the client, asked the boutique to hire a musician to sing all of his partner, Iku's, favourite songs.

\nTogether with the boutique, he bought in over 1,000 red roses and decorated the room in with them. He also hired a magician for the evening, who performed tricks with fire and card. Shortly after, while Luke was proposing, the magician made the engagement ring float in the air into Luke's hand.