Dubai’s most wanted fragrances

Paris Gallery, one of the Middle East’s largest luxury retailers, has revealed its top 10 best-selling men’s and women’s perfumes in Dubai.
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The pool of perfumes selling in Dubai is as diverse as it is enormous. It has everything from Gucci to Tom Ford. Surprisingly, it wasn’t international scents, but Arabian, Oud-based ones, who have dominated the list of the top 10 most wanted perfumes. One of the city’s dominating luxury retailers, Paris Gallery, reveals the winning players.
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For Him:

\nThe priciest of the lot and number one best seller for men is Amber Oud of Roja Parfums. A 100ml bottle of this fragrance sells for AED3450 ($939). It entails rare oud with rose, cedar-wood, and saffron.
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Hugo Boss’ The Scent involves notes of ginger and leather. It’s the brand’s most recent produce and the second most wanted in Dubai.
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Often referred to as a “fresh” perfume, Silver Mountain Water by Creed has middle notes of sweet black current and green tea, with base notes of musk and sandal-wood. It’s on the pricey side as well, with a 120ml bottle selling for AED1181.
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New Italy-based brand, Moresque, launched its Art Edition – Aristoqrati fragrance just recently. Already, it’s proven popular in the city. 50ml of this “woody and spicy” number sells for AED1690.
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Known to create perfumes with a hint of Oud, Tom Ford not long ago created Noir Extreme, an ensemble of wood and amber. In our eyes, anything by Tom Ford is a safe go-to option.
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For Her:

\nNever mind that the bottle looks really pretty, this Sospiro Accento has an eye-opening combination of jasmine, pepper, and must. It’s the second most expensive on our list of female perfumes, with 100ml selling for AED1427.
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Oud Bouquet by Nasamat is described as “citrus and sweet.” The UAE-based brand tries to blend Arabian smells with Western ones.
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Kilian’s Good Girl Gone Bad combines rose, jasmine, musk, amber, and cedar-wood. Interestingly, its case was inspired by vintage cigarette cases.
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There’s a reason international brands like Dolce & Gabbana are opting for oud-based smells like the Velvet Desert Oud: people love it! The likes of this perfume sell for much higher than the brand’s non-oud pieces. This is priced at AED1440 per 150ml.
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Another international brand, Gucci, created an Arabic perfume-inspired number, Gucci Bamboo, with sandalwood notes. It’s the fifth best-seller in Dubai at Paris Gallery.
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