Egypt gears up for second round of elections

Islamists look to build on previous gains as people in parts of country go to the polls
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Egyptians voted on Wednesday in the second round of a parliamentary election
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Islamist parties seeking to bolster early gains and secure a dominant position during the transition from army rule (AFP/Getty Images)
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Islamists have capitalised in the poll on grassroots networks built up even when they were repressed by Hosni Mubarak (AFP/Getty Images)
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Polling stations opened at 8 am in the second round of the three-stage vote
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An Egyptian activist, whose eye is covered with a patch following an injury during protests, puts flowers on mock coffins in tribute to protesters who died in recent clashes with security forces (AFP/Getty Images)
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The lower house vote will not be completed until January, while the army will not hand over full powers until after a presidential election in mid-2012
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Mock coffins pay tribute to protesters who died in recent clashes with security forces (AFP/Getty Images)
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Homeless Egyptian children play near electoral campaign posters in Giza (AFP/Getty Images)
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Islamists ranging from hardliners to moderates secured about two-thirds of the votes in the first round but are not united (AFP/Getty Images)
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The army-backed cabinet sparked violent protests that killed 42 people last month after it sought to insert articles to shield the military from any future civilian oversight (AFP/Getty Images)
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Liberal politicians say they are trying to coordinate their effort more effectively in this round to avoid splitting their vote (AFP/Getty Images)