Eid Abaya collection inspired by Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Collection by Dubai brand Endemage uses silver and gold embroidery based on iconic chandeliers and floral motifs in mosques
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For the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, Dubai-based clothing brand Endemage has created an Abaya collection inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi and the Grand Mosque in Oman.
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The collection, an extension to the Ramadan Capsule line, boasts patterns and embroidery inspired by the mosques’ architecture.
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It also translated style elements that symbolise the mosques’ large, iconic chandeliers and floral motifs. Known for using traditional hand-embroidery techniques, the brand applied silver and gold embroidery.
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It also opted for light and natural fabrics that would work well in the heat of the Middle East.
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Meaning "the merging of two," Endemage was launched by Omani sisters Lubna and Nadia in 2010. Their goal was to create a range of high end women's wear and Arab fashion while offering an edgier and more modern take on upscale dressing.
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The Endemage brand incorporates dresses, evening gowns and more traditional Arabic styles into their collection, regularly drawing inspiration from traditional Omani designs.
Thu 22 Jun 2017 03:16 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan