England’s Richard III discovered in Leicester carpark

Archaeologists confirm that remains of the last English king to die in battle have been found, solving a 500-year mystery about the monarch’s final resting place
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A marquee sits over the spot where the remains of King Richard III were found in a car park in Leicester, England.\n(All images courtesy of Getty Images)
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Experts said the skeleton unearthed in Leicester was proven "beyond reasonable doubt" to be that of the king.
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DNA evidence from the skeleton was matched with that from Michael Ibsen, a Canadian who is a direct descendent of Richard's sister Anne of York.
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The monarch's death was probably caused by one of two injuries to the base of the skull, both inflicted with a bladed weapon, said experts.
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King Richard III is widely regarded as one of history's most notorious villains.
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The monarch died at Bosworth on 22 August 1485, the last English king to fall in battle.
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