Eviction of travellers at UK’s Dale Farm turns violent

Riot police targeted by protesters at the clearance of Britain's biggest illegal traveller site
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Britain's biggest illegal travellers' camp site, Dale Farm, in Basildon, southeast England, is in the process of being cleared this week after a 10 year court battle. The eviction of travellers has turned violent however, \nwith travellers refusing to leave. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Police were met with a hail of missiles, including bricks and bottles. Travellers, who have fought for a decade to stay on the former scrap yard site, say they are being unfairly "dragged out" of their homes, despite the local authorities being given the go-ahead to proceed with the eviction of illegal dwellings after rulings by the Court of Appeal. (Getty Images)
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More than 23 people have been arrested at the six-acre (2.4 hectare) camp after protesters turned violent. They are being held on suspicion of violent disorder, breach of the peace and obstruction. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Two caravans were set alight as police and protesters clashed over several hours on Wednesday. Basildon Council leader Tony Ball has condemned the "utterly disgraceful scenes" and violence by travellers. (AFP/Getty Images)
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But travellers have also accused the police of being heavy-handed in the operation to clear the 49 plots, and said the government is ripping apart their community. (Getty Images) (Getty Images)
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A man is carried away by riot police. In protest, travellers have chained themselves to barricades inside the site, and on to cars, trucks and a road block behind the main gate. (AFP/Getty Images)
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An ill-resident is also taken off site by the bailiffs. (Getty Images)
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A protester throws a brick at riot police during the evictions. (Getty Images)
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A traveller confronts riot police as they prepare to evict travellers and their supporters. Supt Trevor Roe, of Essex Police, defended the use of Tasers by officers who were being threatened. Conservative MP for Basildon and Billericay John Baron agreed that the police had the right to defend themselves in the face of violence. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Cherry-picking machinery used to allow police to remove those who had climbed up and chained themselves to the top of the scaffolding gantry. (Getty Images)
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The 40ft high scaffolding tower at the entrance is in the process of being dismantled and removed. (Getty Images)
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Riot shield weilding police form a line during the evictions. In total, the legal proceedings and the operation to evict travellers is estimated to cost more than $28m (£18m). (Getty Images)