Expert skincare tips for brides to be

Kaya Skin Clinic advices brides on what to do and not to do prior to their big day
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In the nerve-wracking process of planning their wedding day, brides to be place skin care on the backburner, often leaving it to the last minute and at the beauticians’ hands. Dubai-based Kaya Skin Clinic says the former is a big no-no. Dermatologist experts from the clinic provide tips on how to properly prepare your skin for the big day.
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Start in advance: Don’t leave prepping to the last minute. Kaya recommends giving your skin some love at least three months before your big day. It also advices to continue caring for your skin after your wedding day and continue throughout the honeymoon period.
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Stay stress-free: According to Kaya, hectic planning activities can release hormones that produce an oily substance sebum, which in turn causes break-outs and blemishes. The best solution is to immerse yourself in relaxing activities such as long walks, yoga and massages.
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Beauty sleep is essential: The run up to the wedding is packed with social gatherings and endless preparations. Kaya recommends getting at least eight hours of beauty sleep to avoid skin reactions such as dark circles around the eyes. The clinic also advices taking naps whenever possible.
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Beware of your phone: It’s well known that rays emitted from mobile phones can reduce the production of melatonin – the sleep inducing hormone. But according to Kaya, phones can also carry bacteria that can cause acne and spots when the device is repeatedly held against the skin. It advices brides to be to use their phones sparingly at night and clean them with antiseptic wipes on a regular basis.
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Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock: Research suggests that overexposure to sunlight can cause dryness, sunburn, hyperpigmentation and premature ageing of the skin. According to Kaya, the best defence against the sun is simple: a lot of sunblock.
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Exfoliate regularly: The wonderful thing about skin is that it can renew itself. To accelerate the renewal process, Kaya recommends exfoliating or scrubbing to get rid of dry cells and achieve that radiant, youthful look ahead of your wedding day.
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Leave the experiments for later: The clinic urges brides to be to avoid experimenting with creams and treatments prior to their wedding day as it risks damaging the skin. It recommends consulting with a dermatologist first to find a course that is best suited to individual needs.
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By Lubna Hamdan