Fashion models turned business moguls

Who are the supermodels making supercash?
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We’re tempted to call them “Foguls”, as in fashion models turned moguls. Not sure if this will catch on, but if it does, you heard it here first.
\nThese catwalk divas have wits to match with their soaring beauty. Being on top of the world's fashion scene will not suffice, these confident and powerful beauty figures are looking well into their future and planning long term success strategies.
\nBut just how successful are they, and how much cash have they raked in? Here is our exclusive guide to the 10 best….
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1) Miranda Kerr ($10m plus)

\nKerr’s journey to fame hit the big leagues when she was signed by Victoria’s Secret in 2008 to replace the infamous Gisele Bundchen. This catapulted her into the fashion world as she was featured on endless magazine covers, such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, and made guest appearances on the silver screen. In 2009, Kerr started her own organic skincare brand, Kora Organics. Forbes named her as one of the world’s highest paid models 5 years in a row, with latest annual earnings reported at $4 million.
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2) Lara Stone ($15m)

\nKnown for her gap toothed smile and fair features; many would say that Stone started a revolution in the new standards of beauty. She was discovered at the tender age of 12 and now she models for Versace, Calvin Klein, Prada and DKNY. Not a fan of catwalk appearances, she prefers to grace the covers of elite fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vogue Paris, and W. Stone makes a total of $3.8 million per year and her estimated net worth is $15 million.
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3) Carolyn Murphy ($18m)

\nThe 39 year old model gained her legions of fans by appearing on the cover of Sports illustrated in 2005. She was first discovered at the age of 15 in Florida and signed the first exclusive deal with Calvin Klein Collection. Now, Carolyn is the face of Estee Lauder cosmetics which is the primary source of her $3.5 million annual paycheck. Murphy’s estimated net worth is from $15 to $18 million.
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4) Alessandra Ambrosio ($35m)

\nThe 31 year old was the first spokes model for the Victoria’s Secret Pink line. She was also chosen by the brand to wear their first fantasy bra, which was made entirely in rubies, Sapphire and diamonds. Ambrosio has been branching out into the acting world with appearance in high profile shows such as The Entourage and Project Runway. She even had a role in the blockbuster movie Casino Royale. Forbes estimated her annual income at $6.6 million.
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5) Adriana Lima ($45m)

\nLima is primarily known for being a Victoria’s Secret angel, but the Brazilian model made her biggest impression when she appeared in the super bowl commercials. Lima’s 2008 solo ad was the single most seen ad in the game. She is intending on branching out into the acting world and had a supporting role in two movies so far, as well as a guest appearance on the American sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Lima’s estimated earnings are at $7.3 million annually.
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6) Heidi Klum ($68m)

\nKlum’s reported net worth is $68 million. She is now more of business women than a model, but her 13 year run with Victoria’s Secret initiated her worldwide recognition. Among her many business ventures, Klum is mostly known for being the host and executive producer of the reality show Project Runway.
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7) Kate Moss ($70m)

\nQueen of image revamp, the onetime bad girl has been on the top of the fashion icon list since her entry into the scene in early 1990’s.Her lucrative design deal with TopShop contributed to her annual earnings of $9.2 million, and her total net worth is estimated at $70 million.
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8) Tyra Banks ($86m)

\nA true mogul and business savvy innovator, this former model’s fortune continues to flourish even after her modeling days have ended. According to the daily mail, her estimated net worth is set at $86 million. Her most successful venture is her reality TV show “America’s Next Top Model”, which will premiere its 20th season this summer.
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9) Gisele Bundchen ($250m)

\nHolding the number one spot as the world’s highest paid model, Gisele brings in a staggering $45 million per year. Her Ipanema line of sandals has been growing since 2001, with over 250 million pairs sold in 2010. She also has a skincare line, Sejaa, and her land holdings in Brazil include a hotel, which brings her total net worth to an estimated $250 million.
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10) Tamara Eccelstone ($300m)

\nTamara Eccelstone, the oldest daughter of Formula One legend Bernie Ecclestone and former Armani model Slavica, recently launched her very own hair styling collection Show Beauty. Inspired by her parent’s success, Tamara began her career at F1 magazine while also modelling for Armani. She furthered her professional path by becoming a broadcast personality and presenting the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Her estimated net worth is $300 million.
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