Feeling stressed? 5 ways to blow off steam in the UAE

After-work hobbies that can help you relieve some office stress
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Stress can ruin so much in terms of wellbeing and mental health. It’s no secret that stress is related to several illnesses and conditions such as stomach-related issues, cancer and more commonly, depression.

\n To keep up with the fast paced, and many times stressful, city life, try one of these activities to blow off some steam in the UAE.

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Shooting Range: Because you need to put all your focus on your target, shooting can be a stress reliever. Detach your mind from any personal or work related issues and focus on the present moment where there’s just one thing to do.

\nShooting also increases your mental discipline, as concentration levels are sharpened, according to experts. Jebel Ali Shooting Club in Dubai offers pistol and rifle shootings and is open every day from 1pm to 10pm except Tuesday. After work hobby? Yes, please.

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Jet Skiing: You might not be able to do this during weekdays, but jet skiing on the weekend is a major stress reliever. Just like shooting, it forces you to focus on one thing. Plus, being in the water and catching some Vitamin D from the sun is great for your health.

\nVitamin D deficiency is known to cause depression and increased levels of stress. There are plenty of places to Jet Ski in the UAE including the open beach in Mamzar, Sharjah, as well as Jumeirah Beach Residence and Jumeirah open beach.

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Boxing: Studies have confirmed that boxing relieves stress and any bottled up angst, frustration and anger. Despite it being known as a somewhat violent sport, boxing can induce tranquillity, according to experts. \n

\nIt helps release tension and improves negative feelings. Another after work activity to make a hobby of. We like KO Boxing Gym in Dubai Marina and Fit Boys Gym in Jumeirah Lake Towers for the sport.

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Cycling: It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re cycling at a slow and relaxing pace while enjoying views of the Dubai Marina or Downtown, where bicycles and cycling tracks are available for use. According to the experts, cycling can be more healing when it comes to stress and depression than medicine itself. \n

Try it once a week and see if you can tell the difference. Preferably, cycle with a relaxing view in sight, even if it’s in the midst of greenery in places such as Barsha Park, where cycling tracks are also available.

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Pet Market: We’re not insinuating you buy a pet to relieve stress, as owning one can be stressful on its own. But engaging with animals such as dogs can be relaxing. Several studies have proven playing with an animal can increase Oxytocin, the stress-reducing hormone. We like the Pet Market in Dubai as it has a number of shops where pets are a dime a dozen and owners are friendly enough to let you pet them for a long time.

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By Lubna Hamdan