First images of Dubai's 'Ome floating island concept

Atoll Floating Islands aims to target the needs of owners of islands in Nakheel's The World project
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A Dubai-based joint venture has developed a floating island concept which it says could answer the needs of owners of islands in Nakheel's The World project
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Atoll Floating Islands, a joint venture between Palmerstone and Donald Starkey Designs has unveiled the 'Ome, a floating home on a monocoque type structure, which is designed to be manouvered between Dubai's coast and The World islands
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The first 'Ome will be available in a 32m diameter form, comprising an upper and lower deck configuration, the company said in a statement
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The design is intended to align with maritime law, as well as meeting the design standards of the The World's developer, Nakheel
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The 'Ome will feature five bedrooms, large open planning living areas and a central 10m diameter seawater pool encompassing more than 1,400 sq m of usable living space, it added
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Each 'Ome will be self-sustainable, with power, water and waste management included as part of the overall design
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The 'Ome will also include photovoltaic cells on its roof, which will enable the property to be completely self powered.\nAtoll estimates that each 'Ome would be capable of producing enough energy to power six large households, approximately 30,000 kW of renewable energy