Five lifestyle apps every Dubai resident should have

From spa services to dining outlets, here are essential lifestyle apps
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As most Dubai residents already know, life in the city is hectic and demanding. Luckily, there are apps to make everyday living a little less frantic and a lot more relaxing. Behold – our five favourite hidden treasures if you will!
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1. Vaniday: We can’t count the times when we’ve needed a mani/pedi but were rejected by salons who were already fully booked. Thankfully, we discovered Vaniday, which allows you to book beauty appointments anytime, any day across countless locations in the UAE. The best part? It caters to men, too!
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2. Shedd: This one is for the ladies. We all have those few things in the back of our closet that we’ll just never-wear-again. Fortunately, Dubizzle created Shedd, an app that allows you to sell and buy used items of clothing, bags, and accessories. Ka-ching, ladies! All that shopping has paid off after all.
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3. Class Dive: “I want to go to the gym, but I don’t have time,” is the classic fitness-skipping excuse. With apps like Class Dive, you’re not at a liberty to make these excuses anymore. The service allows you to book any class at any gym in Dubai. This way, you won’t get tied down to one location during traffic hours and can opt for a closer gym instead. All you have to do is show up!
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4. Round Menu: Booking a restaurant reservation can be the ultimate nightmare – especially on the weekends. Apps like Round Menu solve several problems in that situation. You don’t know which restaurant to choose? Easy. Round Menu categorises them so that your choices are narrowed down to a simple list. You don’t feel like calling phone lines and being put on hold? You can book directly through the app. Shall we go on?
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5. HiFutureSelf: We all need someone to remind us how awesome we are. Or to pick up the laundry. Or leave the office in time for that hair appointment. Now, you can do that all by yourself - through HiFutureSelf, that is. It’s basically an app that allows you to text your future self. It sends a message to your phone whenever you schedule it to – kind of like a reminder, but way cuter and more efficient!
Tue 24 Nov 2015 12:41 PM GST