Five reasons to start your own business now

What’s better than being a boss? Being your own boss
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Most of us dream of one day having our own business, but seldom do we push ourselves to make that happen. We conjure up excuses about not having enough time or money to do so. Whatever your excuse, here are 5 reasons why you should start your own business now.
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1. You probably have less to lose now:

\nThink of it this way: Over the years, prices increase, bills pile up and responsibilities multiply. When you graduated from college and started an entry-level job, you had a small salary. Now, you’re at a higher position with a larger salary, so you have more to lose. Plus, when you get older, you’ll have more people to look after other than yourself, be it family or elderly parents. So stop postponing your business idea, because you probably have less to lose now than you will 10 years from now.
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2. No time is the right time:

\nIf you want to find excuses, you will. If you want to find a way, you will too. Amancio Ortega and Ralph Lauren, now one of the world’s richest people, grew up poor. If they can start out at a time when they had nothing, and become billionaires, so can you.
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3. You live in an age of technology

\nA few years ago, it would have been impossible for someone to get money just for posting pictures on social media. Today, that’s called “blogging,” and trust me, it pays well. The point is, you have an extra tool on your side that previous entreprenuers could have not dreamed of, take advantage of that. You could create the next best app, for example.
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4. You might not have the time or resources later

\nWe often take the time and resources we have for granted. The truth is, you never know what may happen. Tomorrow, you may have too many responsibilities and less time, or bad health and less resources. Nobody likes to think this way, but when it comes to starting your own business, every day that passes is a lost opportunity.
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5. It helps you create a powerful personal network.

\nSay you start your own business and it fails, tremendously. What is one thing that will stay with you? A powerful network of contacts. And in today’s world, who you know plays a significant role in what you can achieve. Prove of that? Howard Schultz never made a single advert for Starbucks, it became popular through word of mouth of Schultz’ acquaintances.
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