For sale: Ten luxury castles currently on the market

The lavish stately homes in Europe and beyond, starting from just $290,000 and up to $25m
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Certainly among the most alluring and impressive castles on the market is Caverswall Castle of Staffordshire, in England’s western Midlands. Dating to the early seventeenth century, this formidable castle has seven luxurious suites, six bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, and a price tag of nearly $5m.
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Distinctive in its Edwardian style, Carfield Castle in Hertfordshire, England was built in the early 1900’s. With seven bedrooms, five bathrooms and four receiving rooms, this magnificent castle is on the market for $4m.
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Another intriguing contender is found in northern London’s Highford Court. It is actually one of four prestigious residential structures built in this location in 1930 and resembling a medieval castle. It will go to auction on 24 April, with an opening bid of $290,000.
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At $25 million one of the most prestigious and oldest properties on the market can be found found just outside of Florence, Italy. This Impruneta castle is over a thousand years old, though it has undergone several changes. From a military fortification it has become a prestigious bourgeois residence with exquisite frescos.
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The next castle to attract our attention is on the shores of Lake Maggiore, with a price tag of $4.8 million. Castle Ferré was purchased by the well-known fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré, who had intensions of renovation that were never seen through, due to his unfortunate death in June 2007. The castle is surrounded by 12,000 square metres of lavish parkland brimming with century-old trees, a small country house and two private beaches.
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In Durham, in northeastern England, this private portion of a castle with spacious, beautiful gardens is on the market for over half a million dollars.
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A castle that would seem straight out of a fairytale is available in France’s Dordogne Valley for $5.3 million, immersed in an expansive park with vineyards, a swimming pool and saltwater waterfalls. The castle has 10 bedrooms, an enormous living room with an extraordinary stone fireplace and an impressive library.
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And while we’re In France, this time in the region of Cognac, another gem on the market is a traditional castle of classic elegance, nestled in a lush park that overlooks a charming river. There are 10 bedrooms in the main building as well as additional private cottages for guests.
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In Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the nine remarkable apartments that make up a castle in Saltoun Hall, is for sale for $381,000.
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Finally, in a modern homage to traditional French style castles, an exclusive property overlooking an awe-inspiring lake not far from San Francisco, California is available for $15 million.
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