Ford debuts the new Explorer SUV

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Ford Motor Company's new 2011 Ford Explorer is introduced at a ceremony in Chicago, Illinois. (Getty Images)
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Ford Motor Company Chairman Bill Ford (L) and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (R) attend the unveiling ceremony. (Getty Images)
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The SUV, now built on a car platform is lighter, more streamlined, and more fuel efficient than its predecessor. (Getty Images)
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The new Explorer SUV touts a sleek newly designed look that the company hopes will attract new buyers to the venerable SUV line. (Getty Images)
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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn speaks at the unveiling ceremony in Millennium Park. (Getty Images)
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Ford Motor Co. showed stronger than expected quarterly profit of $2.6 billion while it's in a rebuilding phase in the slowly recovering economy. (Getty Images)
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Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally smiles during the unveiling of the SUV at another press event in New York City. (Getty Images)
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