Ford's electric car wants to be first to hit 100m per gallon

US automaker announces production of the 2012 Focus Electric at its Michigan assembly plant
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The Focus Electric will be 'the first all-electric vehicle to achieve a 100 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) fuel efficiency rating, with seating for five,' Ford said (Getty Images)
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The Ford Focus Electric will be powered exclusively by a new lithium-ion battery system (Getty Images)
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The Focus Electric aims to be the first offer an mpg equivalent competitive with other electric vehicles on the marke (Getty Images)
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A Ford Focus goes through quality inspection on the assembly line at Ford's Michigan assembly plant (Getty Images)
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Single-speed transmission will be built specifically to handle the high rpm range that comes with an all-electric motor (Getty Images)
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To charge the high-voltage, lithium-ion batteries of the Focus Electric more quickly, customer can have an optional 240-volt charging station installed (Getty Images)
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'Earth-friendly cloth seat fabric in Focus Electric is made from 100% recycled materials,' Ford says on it website (Getty Images)
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By cutting out gasoline altogether, Ford may be the first production car to break the 100 miles per gallon mark, for a five-seater (Getty Images)