Gitex gadgets to look out for

Charged editor Michael Gordon picks the top products on show at Dubai’s techno mega event
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World’s biggest 3D screen\nSAMSUNG C8000 3D LED TV\nAt 65 inches, Samsung’s huge new TV is the world’s largest LED [light-emitting diode, or electronic] model that is fully HD capable and supports 3D. Pair it with a Blu-Ray disc and the special 3D glasses and apparently, you’ll feel like you’re inside the TV (or at least in a 3D cinema). It’s also very slim, at just 23.9mm. \nAvailable at: Jacky’s Electronics \nPrice: TBC
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Best 2D and 3D screen\nSAMSUNG C9000 3D LED TV\nSamsung’s new premium LED TV may not be its biggest, but it boasts one of the clearest, most dazzling 2D pictures seen to date. It also delivers 3D effects that are simply awesome (no need for tech-speak here), and all this from a TV that’s only 7.98mm thick. With some powerful processing, it’s able to convert 2D content into 3D, all in real time (2D is processed into 3D at the exact same time as the 2D info is received – like a hungry dog consuming biscuits).\nAvailable at: Jacky’s Electronics \nPrice: Dhs26,999 (55”)\nBest for watching sport
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BENQ W600+\nThis projector is equipped with special 3D projection technology (there seems to be a theme emerging at this year’s show!), which ensures charts and images are crisp and clear, without a hint of distortion. It boasts 2600 ANSI lumen brightness (ie vivid colours) and other top-end visual technologies.\nDue out: TBC\nPrice: TBC
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Most innovative and extravagant product\nLIBRETTO W100\nThe Libretto W100 is the world’s first dual-screen laptop running Windows 7. With its two 17.8cm touch-sensitive screens, it can either be held vertically like a book, or horizontally, so you can read a document on the upper screen while using the lower screen to capture clippings or type on the virtual keyboard. Essentially, it will make you look extremely cool at work.\nDue out: TBC\nPrice: TBC
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Best gaming screen\nLG LEX8\nLG’s new LEX8 TV boasts the world’s slimmest screen (0.88cm) and narrowest distance from the wall (1.25cm), complete with the world’s best ‘dimming functions’ (trust us, this is important). It also comes with ‘TruMotion 400Hz’, which provides an ultra-fast screen refresh rate for the most comfortable 3D images – and the most realistic Pac-Man.\nDue out: TBC\nPrice: TBC
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Wouldn’t leave home without\nHTC DESIRE\nBored of your BlackBerry? Fed up of your iPhone? Try HTC’s latest gadget instead. This rather swanky-looking smartphone boasts an eight-megapixel camera, capable of very impressive HD video recording. It also features a rather cheeky ‘pop hinge’ that swivels open to reveal a QWERTY keyboard for fast, convenient typing. Take that, Steve Jobs.\nAvailable at: Jacky’s Electronics \nPrice: Dhs2,299Best-value product
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SAMSUNG R540\nIf you want value, Samsung’s R540 notebook is your pick of the expo. It holds an Intel Core i5-450M processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD545v graphics processor and 4Gb of DDR3 RAM, which means it’s lightning fast, able to crunch as much data as you can throw at it and still produce some of the best graphics you’ve ever seen. Plus, with its LED backlight technology, it looks really slick (and we all know that’s what counts).\nAvailable at: all retail stores and GITEX Shopper\nPrice: Dhs2,349
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For the girls\nPrincess Royal Bling Hairdryer\nThis glittery beauty is a luxury 1600-watt ‘bling’ hairdryer, for those who want to add sparkle to their everyday haircare routine.\nAvailable at: GITEX Shopper, at GECO stand ED10\nPrice: Dhs399\nBest for memories
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TOSHIBA CAMILEO SX900\nThe Camileo SX900 is one of the slimmest horizontal camcorders in the market, yet it takes video quality to the next level by offering a better (9x) optical zoom, increased light sensitivity and more than seven hours of video storage. It also boasts a number of basic editing functions so you can edit photos on the camera without having to hook it up to a PC. Eliminate red eye and zap those zits – immediately!\nDue out: TBC\nPrice: TBC
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