Global News in Pictures 10th - 16th Aug '07

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The family of a man who died after falling ill from eating a shawarma in a restaurant in Jordan has filed lawsuits against the restaurant’s owner and a hospital doctor who dealt with him before his death. Over two hundred cases of food poisoning have been reported in the salmonella outbreak, leading the Jordanian government to ban shawarmas across the kingdom. (Getty Images)
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Banks behind a Qatari fund\'s £10.4 billion ($20.81 billion) bid for J. Sainsbury are negotiating an extension to financing deals as takeover talks drag on. Credit Suisse, Dresdner Bank and ABN AMRO will have to renew their agreements to underwrite the deal because talks between the supermarket chain\'s board and Qatar\'s Delta Two fund have taken longer than expected. (Getty Images)
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Iraq has set $300 million as the starting price in an auction for three 15-year mobile phone licences. Iraqi mobile subscriptions surged to 5 million in the country of 26 million people at the end of 2006 from virtually nothing three years earlier. (Getty Images)
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State-owned Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) received a further blow to its hopes of securing a majority stake in New Zealand\'s Auckland International Airport after local investors revealed they have bought up enough shares in the airport to block DAE\'s bid. Under the offer, which values the whole of Auckland Airport at NZ$5.6 billion ($4.5 billion), a new company will be created, in which DAE will have a stake of 51 to 60%. (Getty Images)
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Indian policemen stand during Indian 60th Independence Day celebrations in Bakshi stadium, Srinagar, 15 August 2007.
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Pakistani girls hold national flags as they sing national songs during the Independence Day ceremony celebrations in Islamabad, 14 August 2007. Pakistan celebrated the 60th anniversary of independence with prayers and a national minute of silence, low-key festivities for a country in the grip of political and religious turmoil.
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The government has no intention to extend the UAE’s three month labour amnesty beyond the end of this month, according to senior immigration officials. The amnesty, which allows foreign nationals present illegally in the country to either become legal or leave without penalty, is due to end on 31 August.
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Dubai Media City announced today it is in the process of testing mobile television in the UAE. It said it is carrying out a test of the DVB-H mobile television service on 500 mobile users. The aim of the trial, which began in June, is to check the technical and commercial feasibility of the service and prepare the ground for its commercial rollout, the DMC said.
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Dora the Explorer toys by Fisher-Price are seen on display at Jefferey\'s Toys August 2, 2007 in San Francisco, California. The toy maker announced yesterday that it is recalling 83 types of toys made by a Chinese company, nearly one million units, including Dora and Diego characters as well as Sesame Street characters Big Bird and Elmo, because their paint contains high levels of lead. (Getty Images)
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