Global News in Pictures 23rd - 29th Nov '07

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Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf hands over the military reigns to his hand-picked successor, General Ashfaq Kayani, honoring a promimise many in his own country and around the world did not believe he would keep. Musharraf was sworn in as the civilian leader of Pakistan in a ceremony on Thursday, ending eight years of military rule. [Getty Images]
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Saudi businessman Prince Alwaleed was ranked the world's second richest Arab in last year's Rich List. As well as in print, this year’s list will be published simultaneously online from midnight on December 2, on [Getty Images]
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(L to R) Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and US president George W. Bush shake hands at the beginning of the opening session of the Annapolis Conference at the US naval academy. [Getty Images]
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Palestinian supporters of Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements wave their national flags as they protest against this week's Middle East peace conference in Annapolis. [Getty Images]
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The construction boom in the Gulf region has reached new heights, with 2,837 projects estimated to be worth in excess of US$2.4 trillion now underway. The region's largest construction trade show, The Big 5, has been many deals inked this week. [Getty Images]
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A $7.5 billion Abu Dhabi deal to buy Citigroup shares may have created a model for acquisitions by Gulf and other emerging-market investors scouring the ruins of the US mortgage crisis for bargains. [Getty Images]
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Over 200,000 birds are being culled in Saudi Arabia following the discovery of a new outbreak of bird flu at a farm close to Riyadh. [Getty Images]
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Dubai's transport authority continues to remain tight-lipped over a report it is planning a massive expansion of the controversial Salik road toll scheme. [Getty Images]
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Popular social networking website Facebook is no longer available to users in Syria. [Getty Images]
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Speculation has swirled all week about the UAE and other Gulf states revaluing their currencies against the dollar or dropping their pegs altogether. (Getty Images)
Global News in Pictures 30th Nov - 6th Dec '07

Global News in Pictures 30th Nov - 6th Dec '07

06 Dec 2007
Politics & Economics
Justin Timberlake in concert

Justin Timberlake in concert

09 Dec 2007
Culture & Society
George Clooney in Dubai

George Clooney in Dubai

09 Dec 2007
Culture & Society