Global News in Pictures 23rd - 29th Oct '07

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Benazir Bhutto cancelled a planned trip to Dubai to see her husband and three children at the last minute on Wednesday amid fears Pakistan’s government would imposed state of emergency in her absence if the county’s Supreme Court ruled Pervez Musharraf’s October 6 election win invalid. (Getty Images)
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Dubai-owned airline Emirates has no intention of selling shares through an initial public offering (IPO), a senior executive said on Wednesday, stating that the company has more than enough money to fund future expansion.
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The expatriate labour force in the UAE is expected to increase by 30% this year, according to a Labour Ministry official. A monthly increase of 30% is expected to continue until the end of the year. (Getty Images)
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King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia shakes hands with Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown outside 10 Downing Street on Wednesday in London, England. The two leaders met amid strong criticism over the monarch’s state visit to discuss counter-terrorism, Middle East peace talks and the nuclear standoff with Iran. (Getty Images)
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Dubai’s chief of police on Wednesday denied that 4,000 Asian workers would be deported following weekend strikes over wages and living conditions. Labourers who took part in Saturday’s violent protests in Jebel Ali have the right to return to work, police said. (Getty Images)
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Omanis are being urged not to panic as news spreads of another another tropical cyclone that may hit the sultanate, with meteorologists predicting the storm will reach its land by the weekend. The unnamed storm - known as tropical cyclone 05a - is currently making its way across the Arabian Sea with winds of up to 85 km/h. (The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System)
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Four people were killed and eight were wounded in a fire that blazed for five hours through an industrial area in the emirate of Sharjah on Monday evening. The fire also destroyed 10 storage tanks carrying 12,000-15,000 gallons of lubricants. (ITP Images)
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Fans of pop sensation Justin Timberlake will have a final chance to get their hands on much sought after tickets for the US star's first Middle East concert Friday when a limited number go on sale at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi. The first batch of tickets sold out within hours last week. (Getty Images)
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Business class airline Silverjet may make Dubai a hub for future worldwide expansion, a senior executive said on Tuesday, as the carrier gears up for the launch of its Dubai-London route next month. The company is eyeing expansion from the emirate to the west coast of the US, South Africa and the Far East.
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Jordanian patients receive medical treatment at a hospital in Amman on October 27. Rioters clashed with police in the village of Sakeb in on Monday over a food poisoning outbreak that has struck down over 300 people since Thursday. (Getty Images)
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Dubai is the focus of a series of special editions this week from British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, which on Monday launched its first digest devoted to the emirate. The newspaper will produce Dubai specials of its TelegraphToday digest every day through till Friday.
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Saudi Arabia’s king faces intense protests on Monday over alleged arms trade corruption and human rights abuses upon his arrival in London on the first state visit to the country by a Saudi ruler in 20 years. (Getty Images)
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Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has announced plans to resurrect ancient Islamic learning institute the Arab House of Wisdom as a key element in his $10 billion dollar education initiative to combat illiteracy and unemployment in the UAE. (Getty Images)
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France is no longer pushing Saudi Arabia to buy Rafale fighters (pictured) now that the kingdom has purchased Typhoon jets from Britain, French Defence Minister Herve Morin said on Sunday during a visit to the Arab kingdom. (Getty Images)
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An Omani woman casts her vote at a polling station in Muscat on October 27. Women will not have a voice on Oman’s 84-member advisory Shura Council, after 21 female candidates failed to win seats in Saturday’s poll despite record numbers voting in the sultanate’s second open election. (Getty Images)
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Etihad Airways' chief executive James Hogan said on Thursday that
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