Global News in Pictures 3rd - 9th Jan

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BUSH VISIT: Threats of violence and car bombs came ahead of US President George W. Bush's (pictured with wife, Laura) trip to the Middle East this week with terrorist leaders calling for supporters to act out. (Getty Images)
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FACEOFF: An incident between Iranian forces and US naval ships in the Strait of Hormuz this week was described as 'hostile' by the US, although Iran described the event as an ordinary occurrence that ended without any disturbance. (Getty Images)
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AWARD NIGHT: ITP Publishing Group chairman Andrew Neil presented the inaugural ITP Awards at the Jumeriah Beach Hotel conference centre on Monday night. The company's top-performing editorial, design, photography and marketing staff were recognised at the event. (Getty Images)
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CRASH LANDING: The US Navy's Fifth Fleet said two F/A-18 fighter aircraft crashed during operations in the Gulf on Monday, but there were no fatalities.The aircraft were providing close air support from Iraq when they crashed into the Arabian Gulf. (Getty Images)
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MOURNER'S OUTCRY: Supporters of Pakistan's slain opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto, became outraged by a televised comment by President Pervez Musharraf that she could have been shot. Members of her PPP party are calling for a UN probe. (Getty Images)
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NOT VIABLE: Donald Trump Jr has questioned the viability of many of Dubai's ambitious real estate projects, saying many will never happen. (Getty Images)
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CULTURE CENTRAL: The French Culture Minister, Madame Christine Albanel, made her first visit to the UAE capital this week to head up a delegation charged with delivering an operating framework agreement for the proposed $525mn Louvre Abu Dhabi universal museum. (Getty Images)
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MATCH NIGHT: AC Milan secured a 2-0 win this week when they went head-to-head with the UAE. AC's star striker netted two for the visitors. (Getty Images)
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INFLATION PROBE: Saudi Arabia's king told the country's economic planning authorities this week that achieving economic growth must go hand in hand with the protection of people's purchasing power. (Getty Images)
LIVE & EXCLUSIVE: President Bush in the Gulf

LIVE & EXCLUSIVE: President Bush in the Gulf

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LIVE & EXCLUSIVE: President Bush in the Gulf

LIVE & EXCLUSIVE: President Bush in the Gulf

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UPDATED: Weather chaos

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