Guest list at the Atlantis opening

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Charleze Theron: The actress bought a ticket to Los Angeles and after eight months in the city, she was cast in her first film part, a non-speaking role in the direct-to-video film Children of the Corn III. She has since won an Oscar for her lead performance in Monster. (Getty Images)
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Lindsay Lohan: Hollywood's most famous party girl has starred in movies including Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded. (Getty Images)
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Lily Allen: One of the hottest female singers in the UK, she has also made a significant splash in America. (Getty Images)
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Mischa Barton: Born in London and raised in New York, she has had the kind of career most actors can only dream about. She has worked with modern day screen icons including Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and Bruce Willis and Toni Collette in The Sixth Sense. (Getty Images)
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Priyanka Chopra: Things are looking up for this svelte Bollywood siren who has this year enjoyed a hit with Dostana. (Getty Images)
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Robert De Niro: One of the biggest actors of all time with a list of films under his belt too numerous to mention. (Getty Images)
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Oprah Winfrey: The American television host and media mogul's Oprah Winfrey Show has earned her multiple Emmy Awards and is one of the most famous faces in the US. (Getty Images)
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Denzel Washington: One of the best actors of his generation, he's starred in movies including Philadelphia, Pelican Brief and Training Day. (Getty Images)
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Petra Nemcova: The Czech-born fashion model and author was featured on the cover of the 2003 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and has also modelled for Victoria's Secret. (Getty Images)
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Mary-Kate Olsen: One half of the famous twin duo, Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister Ashley Fuller Olsen are best known for playing the role of Michelle Tanner on the sitcom Full House. The 22-year-old mega millionaires have been on Forbes list yearly since 2002. (Getty Images)
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Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri: Janet may be best known as Michael's sister but she is a massive American recording artist and entertainer in her own right. (Getty Images)
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Michael Jordan: Arguably the most famous basketball star of all time. He retired from the game after 13 seasons with the Chicago Bulls. (Getty Images)
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Nick Lachey: Famous for his marriage to Jessica Simpson, the duo have since divorced and he is looking for fame as a singer/actor. (Getty Images)
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Samantha Ronson: The DJ is best known as Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend. (Getty Images)
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