Guide: Where the best places are to fine dine in Riyadh

The best places for business dinner or intimate gatherings in the Saudi capital
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Whether you’re visiting Riyadh for business, passing through as a tourist or residing there as a citizen, it is always handy to know where to dine in the city. We picked five of our favourite restaurants in the Saudi Arabian capital:
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Lusin: Known for its romantic vibe, Lusin serves a unique menu of Lebanese and Armenian dishes. It is located in Centeria Mall, Riyadh, and has a cosy outdoor terrace with a great city view.
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The Globe: This is a must-visit restaurant first and foremost because it is designed in the shape of a golden sphere on top of the Al Faisaliah Hotel. It overlooks a 360 view of the city and offers a modern European cuisine that is just as impressive.
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Nozomi: Opt for Nozomi in the Riyadh’s Sulaimaniya District if you are a fan of Japanese food. While it is known for its intimate dining areas, lively atmosphere and romantic settings, Nozomi is also popular for business meetings.
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The Grill: Any restaurant in the Four Seasons hotel is meant to be good. The same applies to The Grill steakhouse in Riyadh. Recommended for families, The Grill reportedly serves some of the city’s most tender steaks.
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Rosso: Who does not love Italian food? If you do, try the menu at Rosso in the Four Seasons, Riyadh. Rosso works great for business dinner or small gatherings thanks to its quick service and friendly atmosphere.
Tue 06 Dec 2016 01:03 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan