History is made at Kingdom Tower

Records already broken at new world's tallest building
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Kingdom Tower, which is the focal point of the new Kingdom City, is to rise more than 1,000 metres and will be built on an area of 85,000m2 at an estimated cost of more than $1.5bn.
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The Kingdom Tower features 170 stories, seven stories of which will be allocated for the five-star Four Seasons Hotel offering 200 rooms, eleven stories for 121 luxury serviced apartments, and seven stories for offices.
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Mounib Hammoud, CEO of JEC, stated that work on the Kingdom Tower is now above the ground and construction work is moving at an accelerated pace and in accordance with the highest construction standards using the most advanced techniques.
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JEC achieved new world records using latest technologies for high rise buildings' foundation construction - 270 piles were cast in situ reaching 105m below the natural ground level and with diametre that varies between 1.5–1.8m.
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The raft is considered one of the world’s largest one-piece reinforced steel foundations with thickness ranging between 4.5–5m.
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Both piles and raft are supported with anti-corrosion technologies to preserve the steel reinforcement using a constant electric current system known as the Cathodic Protection.
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In addition, strain gauge instrumentation and load cells have been built-in to detect any changes in the soil and provide continuous readings about any environmental changes to the area around the foundations.
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Located on an area of more than 5.3mn m2, the Kingdom City will provide a contemporary lifestyle environment supported by an integrated advanced infrastructure.