How to choose the best diamond engagement ring

This is one gift you don’t want to get wrong
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The pressure is real when it comes to picking a diamond engagement ring. It’s a man’s nightmare – plain and simple. ‘Why are there so many designs?’ ‘Why do they all look the same?’ ‘Why do they cost a fortune?’ Luckily for you, the panic stops here – well, almost. You’ll still be left with a much lighter wallet.

\nStill, together with Dubai-based bespoke diamond seller, Dubai Rocks, Arabian Business has created a guide to make the diamond-buying process a lot easier. The first step consists of understanding the six most important diamond features. These include the 5 C’s (certification, carat, cut, color, clarity) and the shape. Before you panic again, we promise to explain each one thoroughly.
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1. Certification: This one’s simple. The number one rule when buying diamonds is: only buy Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified diamonds. While there are other certification institutes around the word, this one is considered the most reliable. See - that was easy! Moving on to step two…
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2. Cut: This is the most important factor to keep in mind. Cut determines the sparkle of a diamond. So the better the cut, the more the sparkle – and women love sparkle. The cut scale goes from excellent (5% of diamonds in the world), to very good cut, to good cut, to fair cut, and to poor cut. So unless you have an open budget, your best choice is very good cut or good cut. According to Dubai Rocks, you have to keep in mind that the cut isn’t too shallow or too deep, as that will make the diamond look dull and less shiny. One of our favorite diamond retailers is James Allen, whose online portal allows customers to design every aspect of diamond jewelry.
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3. Carat: The carat is the weight of the diamond and it is directly linked to the size of the rock. Usually, the bigger the rock, the more expensive it will cost. According to Dubai Rock, the price of a 1 carat rock is 30-40% more expensive than a 0.9 carat rock. Luckily, there are ways to get around that, because the naked eye is not able to differentiate between the two. One such way is choosing a very good cut but a small carat. A smaller carat with a better cut often looks digger due to its sparkle. So, we recommend leaving the carat selection until after you have selected your desired cut. And if size really matters, you could consider reducing the quality of other elements like color and clarity. We love this James Allen number.
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4. Color: The diamond color scale starts at D, which is actually colorless - literally. That’s why D color diamonds are very rare and valuable. Before you think “oh no – this is going to cost me,” Dubai Rocks happens to have the perfect solution. While colorless diamonds will cost you nothing short of a fortune, the firm promises that F and E color diamonds won’t cost as much! While they are not colorless per say, they seem so to the human eye. The best part? They cost much, much less than actual D diamonds. So unless your fiancé is a diamond expert, it’s a win/win situation for both of you!
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5. Clarity: The clarity of a diamond is measured by its imperfections. Flawless diamonds are very, very rare. Usually, diamonds has tiny specs of carbon left in them after their formation process. These are referred to as “inclusions” in the diamond industry. But all you need to know is that these inclusions are rarely seen by the human eye. That’s why, in order to maximize the value of your purchase, experts recommend decreasing the clarity of a diamond, as it will have the least impact on its appearance and sparkle anyway. On another note, isn’t this James Allen rock a dream?
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6. Shape: The shapes of diamonds are dictated by fashion and style. While different people prefer different shapes, the most popular one, according to Dubai Rocks, is the round shape, which makes up eight out of every 10 engagement rings. Other shapes include princess, cushion, oval, pear, and marquis. So happy engagement ring shopping!
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