How to dress for the Dubai World Cup

Bespoke tailoring experts Ashish and Pawan Ishwar share style tips for the top horse racing event
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: You don’t need a reason to dress up in Dubai, but the Dubai World Cup on March 25 makes you want to put in that extra effort anyway. One of the most prised days in horse racing allows visitors a chance to go all out on bespoke attire and creative accessories (que horserace-themed cufflinks). We sat down with tailor brothers Ashish and Pawan Ishwar, founders of tailoring house Knights & Lords, for expert tips on how to dress to impress:
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Combine traditional with modern

\n\nSeek inspiration from style etiquettes of the Royal Ascot races or the Melbourne Cup while adding your own individual touches, advised the Ishwar brothers. “Opt for the timeless morning coat as it stands out from those sporting only regular suits. Make sure the waist coat and trousers are different shades to the morning coat. The waist coat should be either single or double breasted with four or six buttons worn along with pleated trousers,” they said.
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Opt for patterns over solids

\n\nThe choice of colours and patterns is the fundamental block of the outfit, according to the brothers. “For a two or three piece suit, wear a different coloured or patterned blazer or a waistcoat to add personality. Opt for plaids or Tartan checkered fabrics for blazers or waistcoats for the same result,” they said.
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Pay attention to the details

\n\n“Make sure your morning coat or blazer has a peak lapel as it is traditionally meant to have. If you plan to wear a bow-tie, go for a self-tie and not a pre-tied one. You shoes must have leather sole rather than a synthetic rubber or plastic sole,” said the brothers, adding that wearing a synthetic sole shoe or a pre-tied bow-tie is like using a card-board pocket square instead of a real one.
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Use bold accessories

\n\nKeep it simple, but use bold accessories to give your look character. “Using paisley prints, dotted, striped or bold patterns with your tie or pocket square will bring out your personality. You can further make a statement by carrying a pocket watch chained to a button of your waist coat and a gentleman’s walking stick,” they said.
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Be a gentleman

\n\nThe most important thing to wear is the attitude of being a true gentleman, according to the Ishwar brothers. “This means carrying yourself with a quiet confidence and etiquette of treating your lady with utmost respect accompanied with meeting and greeting others with a firm handshake and a warm smile while enjoying the pleasures of the day as being a gentleman never goes out of style,” they said.
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By Lubna Hamdan