How Kuwaiti companies cut costs during the downturn

Logistics, marketing, sales and human resources were all scaled back during the downturn
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Logistics - 24.06 percent

\n\nAccording to McGill's research, 24.06 percent of businesses in Kuwait reduced their spend on logistics during the recession.\n\nGoing forward, 20.29 percent of businesses in the Gulf state say they will continue to focus cost-cutting in this area.

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Human resources - 11 percent

\n\nMcGill's analysis found that 11 percent of firms in Kuwait scaled back on their human resources outlay amid the economic downturn.\n\nHowever, this rises to 21.38 percent in regard to businesses that are looking to cut HR costs going forward.

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Marketing and sales - 13.10 percent

\n\n13.10 percent of businesses in Kuwait reduced their outlay on marketing and sales during the recession, data provided by McGill showed. \n\nIn terms of future focuses for cost-cutting, 17.39 percent said they would focus on trimming back marketing and sales.

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Operations - 6.40 percent

\n\n6.40 percent of companies in Kuwait focused on reducing operations expenditure during the downturn, data released by McGill Consulting Group revealed.

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Finance 6.02 percent

\n\n6.02 percent of companies in Kuwait cut finance costs during the downturn, McGill found.\n\nGoing forward, 4.35 percent of Kuwaiti companies will focus on reducing finance costs.