How to look like you’re rich, even if you’re not

A guide to looking like a million dollars, even if you’re on a budget
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Okay, let’s get straight to the point. Say you earn AED12,000 a month, but your boss earns AED100,000. You want to look like him, dress like him, hang out in the same places, and even let everyone think you ARE the boss.\nNot that big a task actually… here are our top ten tips on how to pull this off.
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Manners Matter: This one is simple. Don’t be rude! Now I’m not saying rich people are always polite and those with less cash are rude… but… a few little things can go a long way. A firm handshake, always saying good morning, showing an interest in what someone is saying (even if they are talking nonsense), saying “excuse me” when you want to leave, these all have an impact.
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Wear clothes that FIT:You’re never going to look rich if you’re wearing a shirt that’s so big it could pass as a dress. Don’t wear anything that’s about to release a button either. Choose clothes that are slim fit and your size; it’s not rocket science.
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Invest in designer wear:I’m not saying wear head to toe Gucci. You could be wearing head to toe H&M, but if your shoes, sunglasses, and wallet are from Dolce Gabbana, you can bet you look rich.
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Hunt high-end pieces in low-end stores: \nShops like H&M, Forever 21, and Zara have so many sharp looking items that could pass for designer wear. I can’t count the times people have asked me if my skirt was Valentino – it was on sale at Miss Selfridges – but don’t tell anyone! The trick is to pair cheap clothing items with more expensive ones. Also, pay attention to the fabric: if it looks cheap, don’t buy it.
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You can’t groom enough:Your teeth can never be too white, your hair too shiny, your nails too clean or your beard too trimmed. I’ve never seen a millionaire with bad hair, except Donald Trump, but even he grooms.
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Opt for An affordable luxury Car:You see those BMW drivers on Sheikh Zayed Road? Yeah, they’re not rich – they just bought affordable luxury cars on instalments like the 2016 BMW 228 which costs $32,100 (AED117, 908) and the 2016 Audi A3 priced at $29,900 (AED109, 827). And I bet you thought they were loaded.
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Develop a hobby:Rich people have at least one hobby – billionaire Anil Ambani is a serial marathon runner, Virgin’s Richard Branson likes kite boarding, and former US Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice plays golf. Hobbies can be used as networking tools or for personal development. Both ways, you’re a winner!
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Leave silly accessories at home:Wealthy people are taken seriously but you’re not wealthy – so the odds are already not in your favour. That’s why you should leave that pineapple shaped iPhone cover at home. Also, coffee is an accessory. Have an espresso, you don’t have time for a cappuccino. Rich people are busy, remember?
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Study the elite:Do they order sparkling or still water? Do they always wear cufflinks? How is their handkerchief folded? If you want to look rich, study the rich – it’s as simple as that.
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Don’t over-smile:It’s unnecessary and makes you look like you want to befriend everyone. Everyone should want to befriend you, not the other way around. Keeping a straight face slightly intimidates people and makes them more careful about how they act around you, inevitably respecting you more. Russian President Vladimir Putin is famous for his poker face - and he won the TIME’s most influential person in the world.
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