How much does it cost to buy an Airbus?

Arabian Business tells you how much a new Airbus plane will cost you in 2013
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Airbus has welcomed the new year by increasing the average list price of its aircraft by 3.6%. According to Airbus, the increase has been calculated using its, ‘standard escalation formula’. So, if you were wondering what was available in the Airbus catalogue and how much it will cost you, read on. First up, the A318.
\nNew price: US $70.1 million.
\nAbout: The A318 is the smallest member of the A320 Family, which also includes the A319, A320 and A321. The A318 seats 107 passengers in a two-class cabin and 132 with ‘high density’ seating.
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A319 / A319neo.
\nNew price: US $83.6 / 92.0 million.
\nAbout: The A319 is a the shrink version of Airbus’s most successful model, the A320. It carries 124 people in its standard two-class configuration or 156 if airlines opt for a high density cabin layout. If you opt for the ‘neo’ version, with new wing tips that boost fuel efficiency, add US $8.4 million to the price.
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A320 / A320neo.
\nNew price: US $91.5 / 100.2 million.
\nAbout: It’s Airbus’s most successful model to date and it continues to sell by the bucketload. Orders to date total 6094 planes (as of Dec 31, 2012), with 3192 delivered so far. The single aisle A320 seats 150 passengers in a standard two-class configuration and up to 180 with high density seating. The A320neo adds ‘sharklet’ wing tips and a redesigned engine (purchased separately) to increase fuel efficiency. For that, add around US $8.7 million to the price.
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A321 / A320neo.
\nNew price: US $107.3 / 117.4 million.
\nAbout: The A321 is the ‘stretch’ version of the A320. Airlines can fit 185 passengers into a standard two-class layout or 220 if they opt for a ‘high density’ cabin layout. For the more fuel-efficient ‘neo’ version, add just over US $10 million to the price.
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\nNew price: US $216.1 million.
\nAbout: The A330 is Airbus’s twin-engine widebody offering. The A330-200 accommodates 253 passengers in a two-class layout.
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A330-200 Freighter.
\nNew price: US $219.1 million.
\nAbout: The A330-200F is a dedicated freighter version of the A330. It can carry 65 tonnes over 4000 nautical miles, or 70 tonnes over 3200 nautical miles.
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\nNew price: US $239.4 million.
\nAbout: The A330-300 fits 300 passengers into two classes and can fly up to 5450 nautical miles.
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\nNew price: US $254.3 million.
\nAbout: The A350 is Airbus’s answer to Boeing’s 787. Still in the development phase, the A350 promises big gains in operating efficiency over current planes. The 800 version of the plane seats 270 passengers. Orders for this variant total 92 units so far.
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\nNew price: US $287.7 million.
\nAbout: The 900 version of the A350 seats 314 passengers. Orders for this variant total 385 units so far.
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\nNew price: US $332.1 million.
\nAbout: The 1000 version of the A350 seats 350 passengers. Orders for this variant total 105 units so far.
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\nNew price: US $403.9 million.
\nAbout: The largest commercial airplane in operation carries 525 passengers in a standard three-class configuration. By the end of 2012, 262 of the planes had been ordered and 97 delivered. In 2012, the manufacturer hit its delivery target of 30 A380s, although it only booked orders for nine new planes during the year. Emirates is the A380’s largest customer, having ordered 90 so far, with 30 in operation by the end of 2012.