How Omani companies cut costs during the downturn

Marketing and sales, logistics and operations biggest victims, research shows
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Marketing and sales - 18.64 percent

\n\n18.64 percent of companies in Oman reduced their spend on marketing and sales during the economic downturn, according to McGill Research.\n\nThis, however, falls to 7.54 percent in terms of cost cutting measures going forward.

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Operations - 14.36 percent

\n\n14.36 percent of surveyed firms in Oman have focused on reducing their spending on operations, research by McGill Consulting Group showed.\n\nIn terms of future focus though, this percentage falls to 7.26 percent.

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Logistics - 14.15 percent

\n\n14.15 percent of companies in Oman cut back on their spending on logistics during the recession.\n\nGoing forward, this percentage will increase to 18.44 percent, McGill's research shows.

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Human resources (HR) - 9.45 percent

\n\nAccording to McGill's data, 9.45 percent of Omani companies cut back on human resources during the recession.\n\nHowever, 21.51 percent of surveyed companies said they will continue to look at ways of reducing outlay on human resources going forward.

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Finance - 8.12 percent

\n\n8.12 percent of companies in Oman reduced money spent on financial capabilities during the economic downturn.\n\n10.61 percent of companies in the Gulf state will continue to examine opportunities lowering these costs in the future.