How the other half fly: inside Emirates' luxury A380 jetliner

Mini bars, massaging seats and an onboard lounge are on offer on Emirates' first and business class
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Emirates exec vice president Thierry Antinori samples the EK049, set to fly daily to Munich (Getty Images)
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Emirates Airline last week became the first foreign carrier to offer an A380 service to Germany (Getty Images)
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Emirates' A380 flight boasts two onboard shower spas as part of the First Class experience (Getty Images)
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Emirates offers passengers in First Class and Business Class a mid-flight diversion with its onboard lounges
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Located on the upper deck, the two lounges offer five-star delicacies prepared by the airline's in-house chefs (Getty Images)
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Each suite comes equipped with a sliding door, a personal mini-bar and its wardrobe (Getty Images)
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The double decker will operate as EK 049, one of two daily flights from Dubai to Munich (Getty Images)
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Emirates is the largest A380 buyer in the world. The airline has carried more than 7 million passengers since adding the superjumbo to its fleet in August 2008 (Getty Images)
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More than 1,000 spectators were estimated to have gathered for the landing in Munich (Getty Images)
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The 489-seat aircraft also received a water cannon salute on landing in Munich