IN PICS 2: Dubai Explosion

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A massive explosion at an illegal fireworks warehouse in the Al Quoz industrial area of Dubai early Wednesday morning has sparked a huge fire, with black smoke stretching for miles across the city. (Patrick Littlejohn)
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As many as 20 of the 80 buildings in the area have now been engulfed in flames and there are fears of further explosions as it is thought there are gas cylinders in nearby buildings. (Patrick Littlejohn)
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Authorities said two people are dead and one is seriously injured. (Patrick Littlejohn)
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A large number of fire trucks, ambulances and police are at the scene and authorities have erected blockages around the area. (Patrick Littlejohn)
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Authorities said the blaze is not under control and reinforcements have been called in from across the other UAE emirates. (Patrick Littlejohn)
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They said an investigation into the illegal fireworks factory was underway and charges would follow. (Patrick Littlejohn)
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The reporter said many police and emergency services are wearing masks to protect themselves from any potential toxic fumes and there have been reports on the radio of reduced oxygen levels in the area. (Patrick Littlejohn)
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The smoke billowing from the area behind Sheikh Zayed Road has ground traffic to a standstill as motorists slowed down to look. (Patrick Littlejohn)
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There were two explosions that started the fire. The first was at 7:10 am and was so large it could be felt up to six kilometres away, people at the scene said. The second smaller explosion happened at around 8:00 am. (Patrick Littlejohn)
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One eyewitness at the scene told shortly after the fire began that there were lots of mini explosions continuing to go off inside the building. (Patrick Littlejohn)
IN PICS 3: Dubai Explosion

IN PICS 3: Dubai Explosion

26 Mar 2008
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IN PICS 3: Dubai Explosion

IN PICS 3: Dubai Explosion

18 Jul 2019
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26 Mar 2008
Politics & Economics
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