IN PICS: Dubai traffic achievements and failures 2008

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January - Flooding caused Emirates Road, Airport Road and all roads linking Dubai to Sharjah to be shut down. (Getty Images)
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January - Dubai's transport authority admits for the first time it is studying the possibility of expanding its unpopular road toll scheme to other parts of the city. The RTA said the traffic department was evaluating the existing Salik system and conducting studies for future projects, and would not rule out further toll gates. (Getty Images)
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January - Dubai announces plans to build the world's longest arch bridge at a cost of 3 billion dirhams. It would take four years to construct the mega-bridge, which will measure 1,600 metres with an arch 205 metres high and 667 metres long.Once complete the bridge will overtake the Lupu Bridge in Shanghai as the longest in the world.
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February - Up to 500,000 commuters and tourists may be served by Dubai’s new 30 million-dirham water taxi service, the RTA says. The RTA was launching the service as part of a 1 billion-dirham strategic plan to develop marine transport systems and reduce congestion.
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March - Dubai's choking traffic jams are contributing to some of the world's worst air pollution, according to a study by Dubai Municipality. The city rank among the worst in the developed world using an On-road Vehicle Emission Measurement device, which assigns a percentage score for the levels of harmful pollutants including hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide.
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March - A ‘black points’ system against UAE motorists who violate traffic rules was introduced, in a bid to reduce fatalities on the country’s roads. Under the new law, motorists who drive under the influence of alcohol will be fined at least 20,000 dirhams and jailed. (Getty Images)
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March - The new Al Garhoud Bridge was officially launched over Dubai Creek, opening 14 lanes of traffic between Bur Dubai and Deira. More than 2,000 engineers, technicians and labourers were involved in the construction of the 1.7-kilomtre crossing, which took 24 months from design to completion. Incorporating 143,000 tonnes of cement, it boasts 17 tonnes of steel pillars and 2,000 steel wires, and is expected to carry around 16,000 vehicles per hour.
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March - Three people died and hundreds more were injured in a massive pile-up on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway. The accident was the worst traffic incident in the UAE\'s history. (Getty Images)
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March - The operational needs of the Dubai Metro will generate over 3,200 new jobs, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) said. The RTA has awarded the 10-year operation and maintenance contract for the Dubai Metro to UK firm Serco.
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