IN PICS: Gonu devastation

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Cyclone Gonu devastated Oman and southern Iran in June last year, killing many people and causing million of dollars in damages. With the warning that another cyclone could be on its way towards the Gulf, takes a look back at the storm and its aftermath. This satellite image shows Cyclone Gonu east of Muscat. (Getty Images)
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Strong waves break over the shores of the Omani capital Muscat. Thousands of residents were evacuated from Oman as the cyclone pounded coastal areas of the country. (Getty Images)
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Omanis look at high waves splashing on the rocks as a cyclone approaches Muscat. Cyclone Gonu packed huge winds of up to 260 km/h and its impact halted oil and gas exports, damaged main roads and bridges and caused floods and landslides across the country. (Getty Images)
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Heavy winds hit the shores of the Omani capital Muscat. 50 people were reportedly killed in the cyclone, although unofficial estimates put the final death toll much higher. (Getty Images)
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Omani men wade down a flooded road in Muscat as water pours from the edges in the aftermath of the devastating tropical storm. (Getty Images)
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Asian workers gather at a street in Muscat that still carries affects of Cyclone Gonu. (Getty Images)
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Cars from a dealer's shop in Muscat are seen submerged in sand following Cyclone Gonu. (Getty Images)
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A Red Cresent vehicle drives through flooded streets of Sourgalm village near the port city of Bandar Jask, on the southern coast of Iran. Flash floods caused by Cyclone Gonu killed 12 people, injured nine and trapped 40,000 others in the southeast of the country. (Getty Images)
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A photograph taken from a helicopter shows the extent of flooding in the Sourg Abad area of Iran, 450 kilometres southeast of Kerman. (Getty Images)
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Omani citizens queue at a water tanker to collect none-potable water in Muscat, due to interrupted water supply, following the devastating tropical storm. (Getty Images)
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Workmen move an tree uprooted in the devastating tropical storm in the Iranian southern coastal city of Bandar Abbas on the Gulf of Oman. (Getty Images)
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People wall amid debris on a beach in the Omani capital in the wake of Cyclone Gonu. (Getty Images)
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Asian workers bath and wash their kitchen equipment at a flooded street in Muscat following Cyclone Gonu. (Getty Images)
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