IN PICS: Lebanon chaos

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Violence erupted across Lebanon over the weekend after the government said it was taking legal action against Hezbollah's military communications network on the grounds that it was illegal. Here Lebanese soldiers watch as protestors burn tyres in the middle of a Beirut city street on May 7 during a general strike that turned into a confrontation between rival political factions. (Getty Images)
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Lebanese people walk past a wrecked vehicle and debris littering the pavement in Beirut on May 9. Hezbollah fighters seized control of rival pro-government strongholds in Beirut as gunbattles rocked the Lebanese capital, edging the nation dangerously close to all-out civil war. (Getty Images)
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Gypsy women and children cross on foot into Syria from Lebanon at the border point of Jedeidet Yabus, 50 km northwest of Damascus, on May 9. The violence has forced thousands to flee their homes and seen foreign nationals leaving the country in droves. (Getty Images)
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Shi'ite gunmen guard pro-government detainees in west Beirut on May 9. On Saturday the Hezbollah-led opposition said it was ending its takeover of west Beirut. (Getty Images)
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A poster of Lebanon's assasinated ex-premier Rafiq Hariri catches fire on the side of the burning building of the pro-government Hariri-owned Future TV, in Beirut on May 9. (Getty Images)
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A family flees a neighourhood in west Beirut on May 9.
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Lebanese Sunni mourners carry the coffin of 24-year-old Lebanese Sunni Mohammed Kheir Abdel Nasser Shamaa during his funeral in Beirut on May 10. Gunmen killed one person in Beirut during the funeral procession of Shamaa, killed in clashes that have rocked the Lebanese capital for four days. (Getty Images)
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Lebanese soldiers deploy in Corniche Al-Mazraa, a tense neighbourhood of west Beirut, on May 10. At least 34 people have been killed nationwide in the fighting that pitted Sunni supporters of the ruling bloc against Shi'ite members of the opposition. (Getty Images)
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Lebanese journalists and employees of media belonging to the family of majority leader and billionaire tycoon Saad Hariri hold a protest for the reopening of the television station, Al-Mustaqbal newspaper and Al-Sharq radio on May 10. (Getty Images)
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Supporters of the pro-government Future movement turn a car belonging to the Shi'ite Hezbollah group upside down after breaking into an office of the Shi'ite Muslim group in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli on May 10. (Getty Images)
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Lebanese army soldiers patrol a street in Beirut on May 11. (Getty Images)
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