IN PICS: Most wanted gadgets 2

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FERRARI CHRONOGRAPH: Most people don't want a watch that runs fast but this Ferrari wrist watch from Paerai is sure to get you through the day quicker than your average timepiece. Features include a pink and gold body, 100-metre water resistance and the famous prancing horse on the crown.
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SAMSUNG ARMANI TV: Two great brands combine to make a winning product. This TV follows similar success by Samsung and Armani with a mobile phone launch.
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PUMA KING EUSEBIO LIMITED EDITION: With the Premier League about to kick off a new season, Puma have released these rather fetching football boots. Even if you're rubbish, you'll look great!
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MOTOROLA W250: The new addition to the W Series, it features a music player, long lasting battery and Motorola's CrystalTalk audio-enhancing technology. Languages including English and Arabic available.
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CANON EOS 450D: Pic masters Canon have launched their new digital SLR camera, with new features to make even the most amateur photographer look good. Just remember to remove the lens cap!
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BRAVIA F200: Black is definitely back. This home theatre system looks and sounds great and has USB inputs for MP3 players and a portable audio enhancer.
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PACEMAKER: Not for heart defects but in fact an MP3 player that allows you to mix your own songs together. It has a 120GB memory, a mixer, fader and sound controls.
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TIVOLI AUDIO NETWORKS RADIO: This cool looking internet-based radio uses either an ethernet or wireless connection to pick up your favourite channels. Carpenter did a decent job too.
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CAPARO T1: At a little under $500,000, this may look like a concept car but it is available to buy right now. It is built by the same boffins who brought us the McLaren F1 and boasts a 0-100km time of 2.5 seconds. Shame about the colour.
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STINGRAY BOAT: A boat that looks like a classic 1963 Corvette Stingray. Probably not on everybody's to buy list but pretty stylish nonetheless.
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