IN PICS: News of the world Aug 23

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The Tinsley cooling towers come crashing to the ground after standing next to the M1 motorway in Sheffield for 70 years in Sheffield, England. The iconic cooling towers have finally been demolished after standing as landmarks for travellers as the gateway to the north. The M1 viaduct was closed as the two 75 meter high structures were destroyed with a controlled explosion at 3am to prevent disruption to traffic. (Getty Images)
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Fireworks burst over the oldest Hungarian bridge, the 'Chain Bridge' at the Danube River of Budapest, in front of Buda Palace, celebrating the Hungarian national day, marking the 1,008th anniversary of the Hungarian state founded by the first Hungarian king St Stephan. (Getty Images)
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An actress dressed-up as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider poses for a photo at the Games Convention fair for computer games and entertainment, in Leipzig, eastern Germany. Exhibitors from all over the world will present their latest products during the fair. (Getty Images)
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Austrian pilot Hannes Arch performs during the final of the Red Bull Air Race on in Budapest, Hungary. Hannes Arch claimed his first-ever victory in the competition. British pilots Steve Jones took second place while current Championship leader Paul Bonhomme came third. In front of 600,000 spectators the 12 Red Bull Air Race pilots flew just metres above the River Danube to complete an obstacle course of Air Gates in the fastest possible time, reaching speeds of up to 370 kph and experiencing forces of up to 12g. (Getty Images)
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A man looks at a tank during a weapons fair in Moscow. Russian troops are fortifying a "buffer zone" around the disputed South Ossetia region with eight military posts and a no-fly rule for Georgian aviation, a senior Russian commander said. Russia will also maintain a military presence around Abkhazia, another separatist region in the west of Georgia, the deputy head of Russia's General Staff, Anatoly Nogovitsyn, said in a televised press conference. (Getty Images)
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Chinese students visit the Great Wall in Mutianyu, north of Beijing. Authorities have installed security doors and X-ray machines at the entrances to the most popular tourist spots on the Great Wall of China for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. (Getty Images)
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Supporters of the NPD, the right-wing German political party, march with a sign demanding an end to the construction of mosques in Germany in the district of Neukoelln in Berlin, Germany. Approximately 100 NPD supporters marched to protest against plans by the local Hindu community to build a temple, the Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple, in the district. (Getty Images)
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Doctors attend to a Georgian patient who just arrived from a village on the border with South Ossetia, at the Emergency room in the hospital in Gori, Georgia. Russia's General Anatoly Nogovitsyn has said that combat troops have left Georgia leaving behind only peacekeepers. Residents are said to be returning to their homes in Gori after Georgian forces took control of the main east-west highway. (Getty Images)
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Ken Hess watches helplessly as a storm surge from Tropical Storm Fay floods his backyard and home on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida. Hess' house has gotten nearly a foot of water during high tide on the St Johns River. Storm tides of up to three feet above normal are possible along the east coast of Florida to the north of the center of Fay according to the National Hurricane Centre. (Getty Images)