IN PICS: News of the world Aug 4

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People transport things by foot in the Camp For Climate Action 2008 in Kingsnorth, Kent, England. The Camp was formed in an attempt to find real solutions to tackle climate change and also the launch pad of a momentous battle to stop Kingsnorth coal fired electricity station being built. (Getty Images)
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An Israeli army recruit opens wide for a panoramic photograph of his teeth at the Israeli Defence Force's (IDF) induction centre at Tel Hashomer in central Israel. The IDF has introduced high-tech techniques such as a DNA mapping, digital fingerprinting and high-resolution photography to build a digital database to help keep track of its troops. (Getty Images)
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A woman passes the London showroom of the wedding list service, Wrapit in London, England. Many couples could be left waiting for their gifts after the online service Wrapit, which deals with up to 3,000 wedding lists per year, confirmed that it was going into administration due to problems in the retail market and the credit crunch. (Getty Images)
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Bucket-wheel coal excavators remove top soil at the massive Nochten open-pit lignite coal mine near Weisswasser, Germany. The excavators remove the upper layers of sandy soil so that other excavators can scoop up the coal beneath, which then runs on conveyor belts directly to the nearby Boxberg coal-fired power plant. Germany, despite its commitments to alternative energy sources, is continuing to invest heavily in the construction of new coal-fired plants. Swedish energy conglomerate Vatenfall operates the Nochten mine. (Getty Images)
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A surfer practices in the waves off Fistral Beach, Newquay in Cornwall, England. The seaside resort town, famed for its good surf, is playing host to the Rip Curl Boardmasters 2008 surfing festival. The annual surf, skate and music festival brings more than 250,000 people to the event and attracts surfers from around the world. (Getty Images)
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Passengers prepare to load a BoltBus before leaving Manhattan for Washington in New York City. Greyhound has been profiting since May from the low-cost service, BoltBus launched earlier this year, with service between New York and Washington, Philadelphia and Boston. With fuel prices skyrocketing, bus services have seen an increase in users. (Getty Images)
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Downing Street is clad in scaffolding during cleaning works in London, England. Summer cleaning works are taking place as the Prime Minister Gordon Brown takes a two week holiday. The famous black bricks on the exterior of the building were cleaned during major refurbishment in the 1950s and discovered to be yellow. The facade had been ingrained with two centuries of pollution. The newly cleaned yellow bricks were repainted black to match the original look and remain the same colour today. (Getty Images)
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A 2008/2009 car tax disc is displayed in a car windscreen in London, England. Some MPs believe plans for new increased car tax rates on high fuel consumption vehicles should be made bolder to ensure a more effective impact on the environment. (Getty Images)
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