IN PICS: Oman, the GCC's happiest nation

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Omani women attend the 17th Gulf Cup final match betwen Qatar and Oman. (Getty Images)
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Omani women cover their faces with their national flag as they cheer for their team during Oman's 18th Gulf Cup Championship football match against Kuwait in Abu Dhabi in 2007.(Getty Images)
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Omani men bend in prayer outside a mosque in the Omani capital Muscat, 13 October 2007, as Mulsims marked Eid al-Fitr, the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. (Getty Images)
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Harley Davidson motorcyclists arrive at Muscat during a tour around the Omani sultanate. ( Getty Images)
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Rajha bint Abdul Ameer bin Ali, Omani Minister of Tourism, looks at an architectural module of 'The Wave' resort and a residential development project in the Omani capital Muscat. (Getty Images)
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Torch Relay Ambassador H.E.Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al Than holds the torch at Walis Castle during the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006 torch relay event in 2006 in Oman. (Getty Images)
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Omani women show off their equestrian skills during a show ending the horse racing season at the al-Feleij track in Muscat in April, 2008. The Arab peninsular is famous for the horses breed by Bedouin Arabs. Over the centuries and through selective breeding the Bedouins developed an Arab horse which was tough and yet beautiful and which today form part of the breeding pedigree of European race horses. (Getty Images)
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Omani women watch the Beijing 2008 Olympic flame as it passes through the streets of Muscat during the torch relay on April 14.(Getty Images)
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