IN PICS: Tall Towers

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TALL TOWERS: The Burj Dubai, still under construction, will be recognised as the world's tallest structure on completion. The Burj has now reached a height of 604.9 metres (1985 feet) with 159 floors completed, with a final rumoured height to be 818 metres. (Getty Images)
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TALL TOWERS: Seen here at night, the Burj Dubai is the crowning achievement of the UAE's massive construction boom (Getty Images)
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TALL TOWERS: The Burj Al Arab remains the iconic face of Dubai. Built on its own man-made island, the structure claims to be the world's only 7-star hotel. (Getty Images)
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TALL TOWERS: Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Towers, which rise to 355 metres and 309 metres, stand as the 12th- and 29th-tallest buildings in the world. (Getty Images)
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TALL TOWERS: At 1,200 metres high, Nakheel's Al Burj is set to be be significantly taller than Emaar Properties' Burj Dubai. (Getty Images)
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TALL TOWER: Owned by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, Kingdom Tower is Saudi's tallest building and the 24th highest in the world. (Getty Images)
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TALL TOWERS: Kuwait Towers, completed back in 1979, are a landmark in the oil-rich Gulf state. The needle-shaped structures have a restaurant, viewing sphere and a water tower. (Getty Images)
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TALL TOWERS: Malaysia's Petronas Twin Towers held the record from 1998 to 2004m when the Taipei 101 overtook them. (Getty Images)
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TALL TOWERS: East Asia has also been on a building spree of late, with the Taipei 101, a 101-story building in Taiwan, hailed by Newsweek magazine as one of the seven modern wonders of the world. (Getty Images)
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TALL TOWERS: Illustrative of China's booming economy, the Shanghai Tower will also be 101 stories on completion later this year, soaring 1,614ft into the sky. (Getty Images)
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TALL TOWERS: Freedom Tower, is the centerpiece building of the new World Trade Center complex currently under construction in Lower Manhattan in New York City. (Getty Images)
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