IN PICS: Tribute to Suzan Tamim

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Suzan Tamim was found dead in her apartment in Dubai on July 28. The Lebanese singer and actress rose to fame in the Arab world after winning the top prize in the popular Studio el fan television show in 1996. (Getty Images)
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After appearing on the TV talent show in Lebanon in 1996, her career was marred by stories about a troubled private life. Soon afterward, news about her divorce from her first husband Ali Muzannar flooded the media. (Getty Images)
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Tamim later married Lebanese impresario and producer Adel Matouk, who became her manager. After they divorced, Tamim was thought to have fled from her home in Beirut to Egypt after Matouk filed a series of lawsuits against her. (Getty Images)
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After winning a Gold Medal on Studio el fan, she was a hailed both for her beauty and as well as a voice that was equally suited to pop tunes and classical Arabic melodies. Tamim's last album was produced by Alam elPhan in 2002. Her last song, called Lovers, recorded in 2006, was dedicated to the memory of slain Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. (Getty Images)
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Suzan Tamim was found murdered in her apartment in Dubai on July 28. She had moved to Dubai from Cairo, following her divorce from her second husband.\n

Police in Dubai have declined to comment on the case apart from to say they are investigating and will make an announcement soon. (Getty Images)
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Egyptian film star Hussein Fahmi congratulates Suzan Tamim who won an award during the Fourth Video Clip Festival in July 2003 in Sharm el-Sheikh. (Getty Images)
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Online tribute websites have been created following the death of Suzan Tamim. Fans of the popular Lebanese singer have been leaving their tributes and memories of her. (Getty Images)
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Following Tamim's death, residents of Dubai's Jumeriah Beach Residence (JBR) are calling for tighter security. Residents have said security at the residence is too relaxed, with access to buildings easily available to non-residents. (Getty Images)