In pictures: Exhibition 9Hijri at The Dubai Mall

9Hirji is an exhibition The Dubai Mall showcasing the journey of knowledge and the contribution of Islam in the different fields of knowledge, film, literature, science, art, design, fashion, calligraphy and numerics.
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It is an enlightening exhibit that pays homage to the contributions master-craftsmen and Islamic scholars made to Islam. (ITP Images)
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Knowledge Zone: Here you can learn about the 9Hijri Ramadan activation and its nine exciting zones that highlight nine of the greatest contributions of Islam throughout time. (ITP Images)
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Film Zone: Each film showcases Muslim talent and perspectives on regional culture. (ITP Images)
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Literature Zone: Talks here will feature the best of regional storytelling. (ITP Images)
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Science Zone: An exploration into the world of astronomy, physics and chemistry through the history of Islam. (ITP Images)
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Art Zone: Take part in workshops on calligraphy, painting and ceramics to discover more about Islamic artistic traditions. (ITP Images)
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Design Zone: Wander through on a selection of Islamic design work that showcases the traditional usage of light, reflection and geometry. (ITP Images)
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Fashion Zone: Meet the region’s foremost influencers for unique styling advice. (ITP Images)
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Calligraphy Zone: Immerse yourself in our gallery of much-prized Islamic calligraphy work, classic and contemporary. (ITP Images)
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Numeric Zone: This Zone features an iconic art installation that honors Islam’s contribution to mathematics. (ITP Images)
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