In Pictures: Inside Lady Gaga’s first ever MidEast concert

Taking to the stage at Dubai's Meydan Racecourse, the US singer did not disappoint
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Although an hour and a half late to her Middle East debut show (who can blame her with all the crazy costume changes coming our way), Lady Gaga walked out with a bang. A shrieking crowd of little monsters filled the arena, with an almost palatable sense of anticipation and excitement.
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Mother Monster wore the tiniest onesie and oodles of hair as she shouted out "Marhaba Dubai - my name is Lady Gaga".
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From the moment she got on that stage till the last second of concert madness, the applause never stopped.
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“They used to tell me I was crazy, I would never come to the Middle East. They were wrong, they were the judgmental ones," she said.
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Gaga belted out "G.U.Y", "Just Dance", "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance", with radical outfit changes accented with neon lights.
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It was very clear that Gaga wanted to show her excitement about being in Dubai to her legions of fans.
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Struggling to speak in Arabic and explaining how much she wanted to come and begged everyone for the opportunity to perform in the region.
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She reiterated her pledge to respect the culture of Middle East and edited her show.
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As her broken Arabic echoed through the speakers, she apologised and giggled only to receive yet another roar from the adoring crowd.
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Her costumes where slightly on the risqué side, but still, for Gaga it is a true show of restrain.
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"We are all different but I see you, I will not ignore you, I will not pretend like you don't exist," she shouted through the microphone.
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Dubai Monsters had the party of a lifetime, expressing their unique take on Gaga’s whimsical style.
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The show lasted for a little under two hours, as Gaga wore her famous platinum floor length wig and took a graceful bow.
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“Shukran... I love you," she said.
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