In pictures: Katara Plaza and Children’s Mall

For Katara's Commercial Plaza and Children’s Mall the main aspect taken into consideration by the designers was that the cultural heritage of Qatar should be portrayed in its design and construction, merging with global culture.
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According to the development’s website, Katara Plaza will include the region’s first evian spa, as well as a mall for children and an 'edutainment' features such as a robotics lab, as well as a large sweet store and kids’ salon.
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The 12,4968m² space will hold a Galleries Lafayette (45,720m² over three levels), some 30 stores covering 59,131m², a centre entirely dedicated to children (11,278m²) with a rather kitsch building in the shape of a present featuring brands, restaurants and special activities, an Evian spa centre (9,144m²) as well as 2,000 parking spots.
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Ground cooling technology, which is also to be used to at the 2022 World Cup, will be help control the centre’s climate and enhance the shopping experience along the entire length of the central promenade.
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The stone is selected from India and cut and finished in Oman.
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The development will include a mall for children, a spa, shops, cafes, restaurants, offices, and a boutique hotel and landscaped park built on top of two storeys of basement parking.
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The plaza, which will be the country’s first ever open, air-conditioned retail space, will also house the Children’s Mall, designed as two gifts wrapped in red and gold.
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All the copper, from the streets lamps to the multiple domes, comes from the United Kingdom.
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Paving stretching the entire length of the development comprises hand-hewn stone from Portugal, giving it a cobbled feel.
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