In pictures: LG G6 under vigorous testing

LG Electronics puts its latest flagship device under severe testing conditions at its LG Digital Park
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The LG G6 is labelled as 'the big screen that fits in your hand' as it boasts a bezel-less screen yet it is still easy to hold. LG Electronics has also focused on the quality of the device with maximum testing standards.
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In the Centre for Battery Safety Evaluation in Design, several different categories of tests that need to be conducted in the design phase are conducted. These include shock, pressure, penetration, heat exposure, flame retarding, and continuous charge and discharge. In the case of shock tests, employees place a 15.8mm diameter iron rod on the battery and drop a 9.1 kilogram weight onto it to see if the battery explodes or catches fire. The test is performed by ramming a sharp nail into the center of a battery, to see if the battery explodes or catches fire.
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Among smartphones in the market, the LG G6 has the highest number of military specifications. The LG G6 passed not only shock tests, but also environmental tests, such as temperature shock tests which expose the device to both extremely low and extremely high temperatures, as well as salt - to determine its ability to withstand corrosion - and to water.
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The repetitive drop tests place the LG G6 in transparent, square containers that are about 1-metre high, and spin it constantly. The test checks resistance to hundreds of repetitive impacts, in preparation for the daily battering that the phones face during their lifecycles. Drop tests for the LG G6 check the structure of the phone when it falls on its edges, sides and corners. The tests are repeated tens of times, in consideration of actual usage conditions. After a researcher of LG Electronics presses a button, the LG G6 falls on to an iron plate on the floor. Even though it makes a loud noise, the LG G6 on the iron plate is unscathed. When the phone was turned on, it operated normally - proving the durability of the LG G6 once again.
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LG Electronics performs tests under severe conditions for around 5,000 hours per model, making quality control a top priority. Any handset that is unable to pass these tests cannot be released. During this period, quality tests comprising around 1,000 criteria are conducted; there are about 60,000 standards for quality.
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The G2 complex, where LG Electronics produces premium smartphones such as the LG G6, is 20,000㎡ and consists of four stories. There is a “Phone Accreditation Room” where quality tests for mobile phones are conducted. This is the place for various stringent tests, such as quality tests that meet international standards, life tests, safety tests, performance tests, durability tests, etc. to investigate any possible problems which can occur during actual usage by consumers.
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Reliability tests are the most important. They examine durability in terms of dropping, impact, bending, twisting, etc. Water resistance tests that examine the IP68 water resistance ability of the LG G6 can be seen in the Phone Accreditation Room.
Mon 10 Apr 2017 12:17 PM GST
By Aasha Bodhani