In pictures: New Apple store in Dubai features kinetic 'wings' that responds to temperature

37.5-foot-high motorised ‘Solar Wings’ that respond to the UAE’s ever-changing environmental conditions.
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Foster + Partners has designed Dubai's newest Apple Store, located in The Dubai Mall with a 186 foot curved balcony, featuring one of the largest kinetic installations. The store is now open to the public. (ITP Images)
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37.5 foot-high panels open up to the store from the balcony side, featuring a line of motorised 'solar wings' that were also designed by the UK-based architecture firm. (ITP Images)
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The mashrabiya-inspired 'wings' are programmed to adapt to the outdoor temperature, closing during the day when temperature's are high and opening during the night when the weather in the city is cooler. (Image: Apple)
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Each of the wings are made from 340 carbon fiber rods. (ITP Images)
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The tech giant said in a release that the new store will be a space for community “to gather, learn and be entertained”. (ITP Images)
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Tue 06 Jun 2017 03:34 PM GST