In pictures: Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 testing lab

Here's a peak into how Samsung carried out its new eight-point safety battery check
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As part of a new eight-point safety check, Samsung will implement more frequent battery testing, including overcharging tests, nail puncture tests, and extreme temperature stress testing. (Image: Samsung)
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A team of 700 Samsung engineers conducted internal testing and reviewed potential problems on 200,000 devices and 30,000 batteries in a special designed facility in Gumi, South Korea. (Image: Samsung)
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As part of the eight-point battery safety check, a Note 7 undergoes a durability test. (Image: Samsung)
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The lab ran battery tests to examine the impact of wireless charging. (Image: Samsung)
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An X-Ray machine checks inside Samsung's batteries for any abnormalities. (Image: Samsung)
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A battery penetration test in action as part of the Samsung's durability inspection. (Image: Samsung)
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The battery assessment looks at every component and overall quality, such as the battery tab welding and conditions of insulation tape. (Image: Samsung)
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A battery life cycle test which is part of Samsung's eight-point battery safety check. (Image: Samsung)
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A visual inspection of Samsung's batteries to check for flaws. (Image: Samsung)
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Engineers tested the USB-C battery. (Image: Samsung)
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The testing also investigated how the software algorithms played a part in the failure of the device. (Image: Samsung)
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The TVOC testing ensures there isn't any possibility of leakage of the battery component. (Image: Samsung)
Mon 30 Jan 2017 01:07 PM GST
By Aasha Bodhani